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Mindset To Startup
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Mindset To Startup Is Here!

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey, gaining insights into pitfalls and challenges as part of continuous learning. Celebrate entrepreneurship, discovering how the right mindset and tools can empower you to create value for yourself, your company, and the world.

Mindset to Startup' by Hani W. Naguib is an insightful guide that navigates the entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the importance of a resilient mindset and practical tools to overcome challenges and create meaningful value in business and the world.

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Now Available In Egypt Exclusively at Diwan Bookstores


Mindset To Startup

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Hani W. Naguib

About The Author

Hani W. Naguib is an avid Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship advocate and author of the insightful book titled "Mindset To Startup." With an MBA from the prestigious SDA Bocconi school of management and a career spanning over two decades, Hani has collaborated significantly with influential organizations like IFC, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, EIT Climate-KIC, and Plug'n'Play.

Recognized as the African Ecosystem Hero of the Year in 2023 at the Global Startup Awards, Hani's commitment to nurturing startups shines through his contribution of over 10,000 mentoring hours, emphasizing his passion for fostering entrepreneurial talent worldwide. 

His dedication extends beyond mentoring emerging entrepreneurs, having served as a lecturer on Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship at ESLSCA Business School, as a frequent guest speaker at The American University in Cairo, and as a contributor to the EU MC2 Project think tank. Hani also shares his insights as a keynote speaker at events like TEDx, Lean Startup Night, Startup Grind, and GEN Week.


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